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The party escaped the ruins in western Thaenia where a world changing event took place. The plane of the old world melded with one or more other planes of reality causing massive changes across Verse. People suddenly married, or left their long-time spouses. Merchant sold their shops to take up other endeavors. Some people changed their entire outlook on life, others just switched to a different beer at the tavern. Some even continued drinking the same beer they always had, because they were comfortable with their life. The phenomena also spawned Plane Bubbles. These tears in reality can let beings cross between planes, or cause other less than desirable effects.

The party received communication from Mareth that the emperor had died. King Kheldar called home and checked in before they all teleported to Port City. Joachim Carridine asked them to find and bring home the crown prince so as to avoid a succession war. They found him in a small town named Betkin far to the west of Bruttle. He was much changed from his reputation as a flippant spoiled brat party boy. Seeing most of the troops sent to protect him slaughtered by horrific monsters seems to have hardened his resolve.

Other notable events:

*Vatroci Natsche made a couple of rousing speeches (8k xp)
*Nebin popped over to Serin to check the shop, and he also spoke with Artemis the assassin leader in port city. (5k)

all other XP to be handed out after next session

An Emperor is Crowned

The party successfully defended the town of Bekton from a large group of Xill. Vatroci anchored the defense from outside the safety of the walls while the militia and the rest of the group rained death down upon the horde. Sensing defeat, two of the leaders of the Xill managed to sneak into town. They hoped to attack the troops from the inside and bring a swift end to the battle. The battle did end swiftly.

The party then escorted the prince back to Port City and foiled a hastily assembled assassination attempt just outside the gates. The Prince Destrin was crowned Emperor of Mareth the next day.

Battle XP: 36,000 each

Safely return the Prince: 50,000 each

Badass: 5,000xp
Flinn: 3,000xp
Corbin: 2,000xp
Nebin: 3,000xp

Prince Destrin: DINGLEVEL UP!

It Counts if it's Before Wednesday

The party went back to Serin to check out how the city and country dealt with the world shift.

Vatroci and Corbin squashed a bug in the Arena, Seems Fingle has come up in the world

King Kheldar got caught up on all the paperwork in his inbox, spoke with many important people, and was warmly greeted by a ballista bolt while walking the walls. Unfortunately whoever or whatever wanted Kheldar dead was disappointed. Every story being retold in a tavern is different, but they all basically agree on one thing. The King held up his hand and a speeding ballista bolt that was ripping through the air towards his chest, stopped. (And then exploded) The would be assassin is currently in custody after falling from the wall.

Law and Order: RVU
(Royal Victims Unit)

The investigation into the assassination attempt of King Kheldar discovered more questions than answers. Sure would have been a lot easier if it had just been a bitter noble house. Unfortunately, it looks like there is an extra-planar aspect to the brainwashing of the assassin. Could this be related to the uptick in violent crime? Some people seem to be avoiding the ruined warlock tower due to a sense of unease. The King and Corbin seemed to feel a magical animosity emanating from it as well. All this is going on when an emissary from Kirkland makes a call to the royal court.

Friends and Enemies Found Again

The investigation of the assassination attempt, and other unrest in the city finally brought answers. The group ended up in the ruined warlocks tower, the apparent source of the problems. After making their way up the tower, they passed through a planar field. This is the first stable planar bubble they have ran into. Unfortunately, Kenzeran also has access to that particular plane. He somehow controlled the monsters that made it through to the tower, even though he himself is bound. When the monsters were defeated, Kenzerin’s focus was lost and the gate he was busy opening collapsed. It would be prudent to not assume he would give up at this point.

Yes, they built an airship...

Short game so as to not leave Korbin in the lurch. Mostly tied up loose ends from last week. King Kheldar started throwing his weight around. “Who died and made you king??? My uncle…”
Vatroci communed with Aide for an unhealthy amount of time, bathing didn’t seem important. The King and Nebin made a science project, it has a good chance of winning regionals.

King Flinn Kheldar's opening festival speech given before the outcome of the Thieves Guild semi-annual Capture the Crown contest

“The first thing that I wish to address is the fact that without the determination and the unbreakable spirit of the citizens of Bastion, this festival would not have been possible. From the very top of military leadership to the humble laborer, all of you played a part in helping repel the Demonhorde, the Archenemy, from destroying this great city, and for that I thank you. I must confess to you, my people, that you’ve made my duty as King of Bastion far more easier than I have ever anticipated. Thoughout the land of Verse, you’ll never find a finer people than those of the Nation of Bastion. You people inspire me to go above and beyond as a monarch. After The Breach, my companions and I were ordained by you as being “The Saviors of Serin”, and while I appreciate being referred to as such, I would have to disagree with that title. I say this because you are the Saviors of Serin! Without your zeal, all would have been lost.

A new age has been ushered in. The Cataclysm has caused a great deal of strife throughout the realm; dangers and obsticles that we have never faced before now lie before us, but I am not intimidated by this, for I see a great light in the distance. I see a fantastical new world to be built upon the ashes of the old. I see Bastion harnessing the power of this new world and bending it to our will. I see this city being the spearhead of a new type of thinking, for I dream of Serin being the greatest city in all of Verse. Now, before I let you, the great people of Bastion return to this festival that you’ve earned, I wish to share a part of this new world, this new dream, I present to you that first step…This is my gift to you…The Deathstorm."

A second of Eternity.

Not all had gone acording to plan, but all was not yet lost. The Heros had stood face to face with the Demon Lord between them and the cryistal, but now the prize was their’s and it was time to leave. Still, the Warth of the Demon Lord had only yet begun. The treasure was lost but the thives were his. They would pay for such insolence, forever would They and their crime be smeared across the walls of the Demon Lord’s domain. The pale one of the three would be first, for it was him to cast down the great insult.

Dark energy filled the room as the dread Lord begain his assult. It would be quick yes, but few are the fates worse than this. Hell knew no bounds in the hands of this Demon.

One can scarsely comprehend the thought that first crossed King Kheldars mind as darkness pored down upon him. And yet, all was not as it seemed. Darkness became Light, cold became Warmth. Who would have thought death at the hands of this Demon would be so peaceful? Today, however, was not Kheldars day to die after all. It was then he noticed the hand on his shoulder. Perhaps Kheldar sensed the source of the Light, or maybe, it was the alien shift in weight from the gauntlet behind him. Then the hand fell from his shoulder.

The Light faded, the cold returned, yet the moment for their exit was upon the Heroes. Seizing the opportunity Kheldar turned for his friends and found them. Yet, something was amiss, there lay the Paladin in Vatroci’s arms.

A flash of energy, the spell was cast. Torn from one place and cast into another the Heroes found their destination. One can only imagine the moment, they had done it. Victory. It was only then that true fear and horror entered their minds. Kheldar knew what dreadful spell the Demon Lord had last cast, and the armor of Korban laid very oddly in Vatroci’s and Kheldar’s grasp.

The silence was deafening.

Death, Life, and Booze!

" I find myself humbled yet again by the sheer will power of my friends. Nothing it seems will stand in their way. Not for very long at least. And yet it is their humility that amazes me most. I have seen feats beyond imagination brought to pass by their hands. The skill, strength and power they wield is a force few can reckon with, but this time, it would seem, all that would not be enough. Between them and I was death itself.

Many would have called their actions less than politicly sound. Many still do not trust my people, but my friends did not hesitate. They knew what it would take to bring me back, and they did it. Despite the risks.

Now we go to Kirkland, to the halfling tribes. I can scarcely say what new adventures we will find. One thing is sure however, there will be booze! As is proper when dealing with our halfling brothers."

-Alek Korban

Of dragons and halflings.

To slay a dragon is never an easy thing. I would tend to agree, but for our heroes, they sure made it look easy. Or at least the legend goes as such.

Many factors must be considered to find the truth, or at least the whole story. For in this case the legend and the truth are not all that far apart.

Many say they were lucky. Oh yes they were lucky, but there is more to it than that. Many say the dragon was lazy. And he was, but show me how many brave souls are lined up to fight one, toe too massive toe? Hmmm? I didnt think so.

In truth, our heroes were lucky, and the dragon was lazy. But I would like to point one thing out. The dragon knew from the moment he landed that these were no normal men (or halfmen) and when he did realize his folly, it was too late.

They killed him before he could fly away. Luck or not, who else has killed a dragon in less than a minute? We dont write legends about just anyone. Take it from this old man, the legends dont do our heroes justice. The path they walked was unlike any other walked before, or after.

But now let this old man rest. I have not the strength to continue, for now. Until next time my children.


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