An Emperor is Crowned

The party successfully defended the town of Bekton from a large group of Xill. Vatroci anchored the defense from outside the safety of the walls while the militia and the rest of the group rained death down upon the horde. Sensing defeat, two of the leaders of the Xill managed to sneak into town. They hoped to attack the troops from the inside and bring a swift end to the battle. The battle did end swiftly.

The party then escorted the prince back to Port City and foiled a hastily assembled assassination attempt just outside the gates. The Prince Destrin was crowned Emperor of Mareth the next day.

Battle XP: 36,000 each

Safely return the Prince: 50,000 each

Badass: 5,000xp
Flinn: 3,000xp
Corbin: 2,000xp
Nebin: 3,000xp

Prince Destrin: DINGLEVEL UP!

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The party escaped the ruins in western Thaenia where a world changing event took place. The plane of the old world melded with one or more other planes of reality causing massive changes across Verse. People suddenly married, or left their long-time spouses. Merchant sold their shops to take up other endeavors. Some people changed their entire outlook on life, others just switched to a different beer at the tavern. Some even continued drinking the same beer they always had, because they were comfortable with their life. The phenomena also spawned Plane Bubbles. These tears in reality can let beings cross between planes, or cause other less than desirable effects.

The party received communication from Mareth that the emperor had died. King Kheldar called home and checked in before they all teleported to Port City. Joachim Carridine asked them to find and bring home the crown prince so as to avoid a succession war. They found him in a small town named Betkin far to the west of Bruttle. He was much changed from his reputation as a flippant spoiled brat party boy. Seeing most of the troops sent to protect him slaughtered by horrific monsters seems to have hardened his resolve.

Other notable events:

*Vatroci Natsche made a couple of rousing speeches (8k xp)
*Nebin popped over to Serin to check the shop, and he also spoke with Artemis the assassin leader in port city. (5k)

all other XP to be handed out after next session


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