Samuel Mekket

Paladin: (Killed in Action, saving Nebin's life in the battle with Kanzerin)


Little is known of the early life of Samuel Mekket. He was born in the capital of Haven, the city itself few outsiders ever see. What is known comes from his time in Bastion. He was transferred to Serin to serve under Major Korban during the formation of a new Set Solaris legion. He and a young lieutenant were the ones to unmask the one and true traitor within the forming legion.

With the resignation of Korban, and the disbanding of legion, Mekket was transferred back to Haven with the surviving commissioned officers.

Samuel is the current Sargent Champion of Set Solaris, holding high status within the organization. Its is said he would be a general had he ever chose to leave the enlisted ranks. A practical man by nature, he cares little for internal politics or bureaucracy. Yet when he speaks, the generals heed his words.

Now it would seem he has been called back to Bastion for the reforming of the lost legion. Once again under Korban’s command he readies the troops for the conflict to come. A fitting place for a man always at the front line, leading by example.

Samuel Mekket

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