For thousands of years the Quin ruled the world. They were a stern but benevolent race. What are now considered the “civilized” races enjoyed a productive, content life. This was allowed due to the ability of the Quin to take care of anything that threatened the peace through the use of their army. The army consisted of Demons at the head, with Drow as the foot soldiers. Through your research you catch several hints that the Quin actually created those races. The army protected civilization from rebellions, monsters (orcs, goblins, and other evil creatures), and also acted as a police force. The loyalty of the army was controlled through the use of powerful crystals scattered throughout the land all working in concert with each other. These crystals were in turn controlled by a single object. A magical item of immense power.

Then there was a Quin, Kanzerin, who seemed different from the others. He was the most innovative of all the Quin (not hard to do since they hadn’t changed much in thousands of years). It is written that he was the one who originally fashioned the crystals, and also the cubes that the AnaQuin used to serve as the Quin’s special emissaries. It is said that Kanzerin grew disenchanted with his own race and spent more and more time among the “regular” people. He then came up with a plan to create schools to teach the small percentage of people who had the ability how to wield the concentrated magic that the Quin used to control the world. He wanted all the races to be able to provide for themselves and be “free” from the rule of the Quin. When he approached the Forum who ruled, they were horrified that he wanted to teach the immature races the great power that they themselves used. They forbid him to continue any of his work and kept him in their capital palace, away from anyone not of his own kind. he stayed there for hundreds of years. Not much is know about him during that time except of rumors of him keeping a journal filled with this writings and theories on the basis of the universe and its energies. There is a story that during the end of the first age, during The Decimation, that an elf found his journal in the ruins of the palace. he supposedly started reading it, went completely and violently insane, and then exploded when his friends tried to restrain him.

Kanzerin eventually escaped from his prison, now seemingly insane, (which was thought impossible for a Quin) and started a war of extermination against his own race. He gained control of the loyalty crystal in the area of the capitol and turned the Demons and Drow loose to kill every Quin they could find. After exterminating all the Quin in the capitol (about 20% of the Quin in the world) he ordered the city sealed and razed to the ground because many of the inhabitants had sided with their masters and fought against him. He then took his campaign to the surrounding areas. He lost the battle to take the Kenelin Compound which is where the controller loyalty crystal was held, and was captured there. Shielded, and locked in a dungeon he awaited execution. When they brought him out to meet his end, he just smiled at them and somehow broke free of his bounds. While still shielded, he somehow created a non-magic based portal and stepped through to disappear. Within days, the ageless Quin started dying off from a mysterious ailment.

When there were but a few left, they made the difficult decision to turn off the controller crystal and hide it. It was thought that if it was not emanating, then Kanzerin would not be able to track it and use its power to compel the armies. Unfortunately this removed all restraint from the Demons and Drow. Over the course of several years, the aggressive Demons and martial Drow started to splinter off into small bands that went from protecting the population to subjugating it. The completed the first fall.

The controller crystal was entrusted to a small elite group of people to guard. They were charged with protecting the crystal against the return of Kanzerin.



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