Flinn Kheldar, The Lich-King of Bastion



Flinn Keldar was born to Elven noblewoman Lady Lúthien Felagund and Cillian Keldar, a young human ambassador of a neighboring kingdom. Felagund immediately took a liking to Cillian, whom she considered a brilliant human who was wise beyond his years. Cillian was infatuated by the Princess and spent every free moment he had with her. They soon fell in love and after a secret courtship of a few years she was with child. Both lovers abandoned their stations and made their home in a small farming community.

Flinn was born to loving parents who educated him in both Elf and human history. Luthien would tell Flinn stories of the second age of the world, especially the story about the demon Xerviscis and the Glassed Hill (Flinn’s favorite). These stories sparked a wonderlust in young Flinn, he wanted to see the Glassed Hill with his own eyes and unravel the mystery of what happened at that historic site all those ages ago; however, Flinn realized that such a quest would have many dangers and that he was ill prepared to undertake such a journey. One day, Flinn mother told him a story about an ancestor of his, Dorninat Felagund, a warlock of ill repute. Apparently, Dorninat made a pact with beings from beyond the stars to access raw magical power to help him in his endeavors. Flinn inspired by this story, rummaged through his mother astrological charts and through many months of trial and error was finally able to make contact with a great being from the cosmos. Flinn made a pact with the being and was imbued with the same eldritch powers that his ancestor was given. Shortly after the bargain was sealed, he said goodbye to his parents and began to travel north. He traveled alone for a few months, until fate united him with an unusual group of fellow adventure traveling to the border town of Feldway.

King Kheldar’s opening speech at the festival honoring the anniversary of The Breach.

“The first thing that I wish to address is the fact that without the determination and the unbreakable spirit of the citizens of Bastion, this festival would not have been possible. From the very top of military leadership to the humble laborer, all of you played a part in helping repel the Demonhorde, the Archenemy, from destroying this great city, and for that I thank you. I must confess to you, my people, that you’ve made my duty as King of Bastion far more easier than I have ever anticipated. Thoughout the land of Verse, you’ll never find a finer people than those of the Nation of Bastion. You people inspire me to go above and beyond as a monarch. After The Breach, my companions and I were ordained by you as being “The Saviors of Serin”, and while I appreciate being referred to as such, I would have to disagree with that title. I say this because you are the Saviors of Serin! Without your zeal, all would have been lost.

A new age has been ushered in. The Cataclysm has caused a great deal of strife throughout the realm; dangers and obsticles that we have never faced before now lie before us, but I am not intimidated by this, for I see a great light in the distance. I see a fantastical new world to be built upon the ashes of the old. I see Bastion harnessing the power of this new world and bending it to our will. I see this city being the spearhead of a new type of thinking, for I dream of Serin being the greatest city in all of Verse. Now, before I let you, the great people of Bastion return to this festival that you’ve earned, I wish to share a part of this new world, this new dream, I present to you that first step…This is my gift to you…The Deathstorm."

Flinn Kheldar, The Lich-King of Bastion

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