Alek Korban


Son of Severus and Zethina Korban, Alek was born in one of the many “Fort Cities” along the northern border of Bastion. His parents were respected Clerics serving in the Northern Defense Army of Bastion. Alek began his Paladin training at the age of 7 in the Black Rose Cathedral under the direction of Sir Grendel Cornivus: Knight-Captain of the Holy Order. At the age of 15 Alek as recruited by officers of Set Solaris, having been recommended by Sir Cornivus, himself a member. After 3 years of officer’s training he was commissioned as a Lieutenant, and 2 years later Captain of Set Solaris. A year later a new Set Solaris Legion was created. Alek Korban was chosen to be its executive officer and was commissioned Major, under the Set Solaris Chapter Master of Seran. Ten captains and twenty lieutenants were hand picked by Korban himself from the officers ranks to lead the new legion. Master Sargent Samuel Mekket was transferred from Haven to be the legion’s executive NCO. The legion, however, was never fully formed. An internal conflict is rumored to have occurred during the inspection of a “Inquisitor-Lieutenant” from Haven.

It would a peer that a member of the Black Vail infiltrated the officers ranks in the new legion. The spy was found and eliminated, however, Inquisitor Jerriah did not stop there. At the end of his rampage to cleans the legion four captains and seven lieutenants were dead. Haven was slow to respond.

Korban questioned everything he knew, his whole life had been devoted to this cause, and now eleven men and women lay dead under his command. He resigned his commission. Korban would later regret this decision, but it was too late he thought, he can no longer be trusted within Set Solaris. Knowing he would be watched for the rest of his life Korban vowed to never divulge his knowledge of the secrets of Set Solaris, he acted as if he was never a member at all. Choosing rather to stand aside and hope they would accomplish something good for all of Verse.

For a time he wandered, northern Bastion became his exile, he looked for the direction and the order he once had. At the end of this wandering he came across the misdeeds of a local noble, and through his investigation he met The Five, and joined them.

Alek Korban

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