Alandryel Zanovar

Paladin, noble born.


Alandryel is the youngest child of Sir Victor Zanovar, landowner and noble of Bastion. Her older brother Darren is current head of House Zanovar. Alandryel is a paladin in the Holy Order, trained at Black Rose Cathedral, and currently a commissioned captain in Set Solaris.

Alandryel is well educated and highly intelligent, benefits of her noble upbringing. She is also an accomplished duelist and fighter. Alandryel prefers a very formal and sometimes cold form of leadership. Her very presence brings an air of authority, she is both respected and feared by her men. A balance rarely found among good leaders. She is, in many ways, in direct contrast to Samuel Mekket, who favors an informal way of leading.

Alandryel is currently serving as Executive Officer and Intelligence Master in her legion, under the command of Alek Korban.

Alandryel Zanovar

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