My old friend.

“Samuel is dead. I had my back to him fighting Kanzerin, but I knew when it happened. I can feel these kinds of things now. An all to familiar spell, it has a distinctive force to it, unique from any other I know. Not every paladin can cast it, although most know it. How can I describe it? You cant talk about it in terms of Spellcraft or Magic Theory, its on a more personal level. Its unique to each of the few to ever cast it. Back in the underdark, in the crystal chamber, I used it to save my friend Flinn. I didnt hesitate, if you do it wont work, all I did was reach out and… well I took the dark energy from Flinn. Its hard to explain, Ill try by best. I reached out, and I plucked that dark energy right from the hand of the Demon Lord Artantos. It never passed through Flinn, it never touched him. I took it from the source. I remember it quite well, I could feel everything…. but I was happy to do it. As was Samuel. If he didnt want it, if he was ever going to regret it, it would have not worked.

I took his body back to Serin myself. I ported right back to the castle, to my office there. Alandyrel was there, still finishing the records for the my report. Normally my sudden appearance wouldn’t even startle her, she was use to it, but that day she looked up as I entered. I wonder if she felt it too? She looked at me first, I have no idea what my expression was, then to Samuel. I laid him down on my desk. It would look strange for almost all others, his armor was intact, perfect, like it had never been hit. But there was a lot of blood, inside he was… well.., I never got use to it. Paladins dont get use to it. Alandyrel and I started the burial preparations there. Something we have done far too many times. We cleaned his wounds and closed them. Made him whole again, as if he was just asleep. We cleaned his armor, he would be buried in it, of course, in the formal dress style used for ceremonies. I noted the symbol on the inside of his left bracer. All paladins have one, its the mark of the cathedral in which we receive our training. Mine is a black rose. His was that of a sun, similar to the symbol of Set Solaris itself. I have never been there, but I would bury him there.

We placed his body in the main court hall of the castle of Serin. There he would stay for the rest of the day, in the morning we would move him to the chapter house for transfer to Haven. I kept it simple, he never cared for all the official rites. It was mostly quiet. Groinhammer was the first and only to ask me what happened. I told him, as Alandyrel listened. He was solemn and respectful about it. He produced a bottle of fine ale, and we drank to my friend. In the morning I will take him to Haven, Im sure my friends wont mind. It wont be but a few days. I have questions to ask too. And this time I will get the answers I seek… but I let my mind wonder too far, Samuel is more important right now.

Good bye my old friend."

~Journal of Lt. Colonel Alek Korban, Officer’s records of Set Solaris, Haven.


I want to do one last log for Groinhammer. But after we finish up with the ending on our characters. What they all do after all this. Ill need a little more time for that log.

My old friend.

That was an excellent post.

My old friend.

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