"Join the army they said...."

“Life in the guild was never quite as I expected. And I never intended to join at all. But good intentions dont always put food on the table. I did what I had too, and I got pretty good at it. The bow was my tool. No, no I never killed anyone back then, that wouldnt be proper, but I did do something no one else did. It wasnt easy, at all, but but I got the art down. A few of the boys would get things started, start a ruckus or such. Get our target moving, bag full a gold shaking at his waist. Best was when the boys would steal his coat, led him to me.

One finely placed shot was all it took, nail that bag a gold right against some barrel or wall or such. Most of the time the sucker wouldnt even notice, even if he did it was too late, my boys had the bag and the arrow by then. Slip into the crowd they would.

Im not to bad with a bow if I say so myself.

But those days are gone now. Those big bad brutes from up north are heading down again. Everyone’s afraid again. Got all of Seran in a bad way. I couldnt stay and do nothing, I figure I can help, me and this bow of mine. Might get to kill something too. So went and joined the army, bonafied archer of Bastion I am.

But they had a surprise for me, got transferred to a new division. Didnt tell me much, but I found out why. They call them “airships” if you could ever believe such a thing. I was to be on one. The captain was Lord Nebin himself! A halfman of no small stature!

And that aint the half of it! Turns out those hordes from up north headed to Merith first, take on them imperials. But Lord Nebin had a suprise from them. Something to kill them real dead. And we was sent to test it. Ill never forget that night. I went through 3 quivers, and it was damn hard to see at times, but I did my fair share of killing. Not as much as Lord Nebin course. He through these potions over he did. Chocked those buggers to death. The second run was scary though, almost got knocked out of the sky by those fireballs, damn mages. Think they are smart with all that fancy book learning. I hope I hit one.

We got back alright, thanks to Lord Nebin, and we docked at thy flying castle. (OH YA!, we had a flying castle too!) I was all shook up by then, one hell of a night. But Lord Nebin gave me a drink to calm my nerves, called it… “swamp water”. Guess Ill give it a try."

~William “Rat’s Eye” Hopper, Bonafied archer of Bastion


Had a video for that, to be played at the end. Couldnt get it to work.

Here is the link.

"Join the army they said...."

hahahahahaha, absolutely spectacular

"Join the army they said...."

Great post. Makes my post look even worse. In my defense though, I was super drunk when I wrote it .

"Join the army they said...."

Jer, no no no, NO! Your post was good. Your post was the serious adventure log. I was not trying to one up you. Mine was the gag log where I make fun of Nebins shortness. Or lack of tallness,(depending on how you look at it). It was suppose to be the comedic relief, which is why I didnt write another log for Korban. Things are getting grim. And thats saying something for our group.

"Join the army they said...."

Yeah, I worried about writing Vatroci’s perspective. I might do that next time though. Maybe we should let JJ write an adventure log post though.

"Join the army they said...."

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