He who walks alone.

“I could see it in their faces, even in Nebin’s as he told me in his “matter of fact” tone. Another confrontation with Kanzerin…, our burden grew heaver. Worst for Flinn himself, Kanzerin held the cause and the “solution” to the affliction. What could we do now? Press forward it would seem, and yet, I find myself in darker corridors than before. There are many branches in my path. Each new one seems to go on and on. The same cold walls, the ever dimming candles, and worse of all, the stillness of the air. It reminds me of that dread chamber in the underdark. I am lost and alone, and yet… I am not.

I push onward.

Many things wait for me in these haunted halls. I do the best I know to. I follow the brightest lights, but sometimes they all look the same. As if they are all about to go out. Sometimes I am the only light there. But my light too has been put out once already.

My friends walk in this place too, but we must each find his own path. We will all meet at the end, this I know, but entering from different doors.

Until then I walk on.

Someone, or… something walks nearby. I can feel it, or maybe, them? Its hard to tell at times. I dont know what they want from me, and its colder now.

They whisper, and I walk.

- Journal of Alek Korban. Officer’s records of Haven.


Korbin has some hard choices to make in the near future.

He who walks alone.

I’m mostly sure he wont flat out kill Flinn… But just in case, hows your Will saves at a -4?

Honestly, I think I know how to get through this mess, but it will be hard to RP. Work with me as best you can.

He who walks alone.

Korbin is going to shit bricks when he detects an undead being with a chaotic good alignment.

He who walks alone.

And there lies the key, JJ’s house rules about alignment. But you and I will still have to RP the hell out of it to make it work. Korban will not let Flinn off easy about this, there will be hell to pay.

Between this and past conflicts JJ brought up, Korban is going to have a bad day. Which is why the log for this week was so dark and depressing. I wanted you to get just a little view at his thoughts. And dont think we can just hand wave this off.

He who walks alone.

/wave hand
A paladin’s closest ally and king turns into an undead to save his kingdom.

I think it works just fine .

He who walks alone.

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