From the Journal of Flinn Kheldar, The Lich-King of Bastion; Dating back to the beginning of the 4th Age

Part 1

It is done. Kanzerin, The Mad Quin, has been defeated. A victory of this nature is almost unfathomable in comparison to the rich history of Verse; in fact, historians in the far future will in all probability see this moment in time as the great turning point for all civilized races. Bastion, didn’t suffer like those other nations, nations whom we would call allies. The loss of life in Mareth and Thaniea alone is almost too difficult to comprehend. Price continues to bring me reports on the death toll; I fear that we’ll never have an accurate number of those slain in this war, both military and civilian. I feel a great sadness that we couldn’t do more to protect the innocent, but in a conflict like the one we just survived, death is an inevitability that we all must face.


Death has been behind us ever since that fateful caravan trip to Feldway; the same trip where I met Vatroci, The Oathsworn, and Nebin the Pirate. Out of that original encounter, we were the only ones who have survived. Death claimed friends of ours…yet it never claimed us. Actually, that’s not entirely true for death, after all these years, claimed me. Or was it I who claimed death? That is something I’m going to have to ponder in these peace time years. The Lich-King of Bastion, that is what they call me now. I never wanted this position of power, and I never wanted this…existance, for lack of a better term. I truly wanted to have a family, and be a teacher of the history of Verse. Now look at me, I am the ruler of a kingdom that I never wanted. It might sound like I resent the crown that rests on my brow, but I don’t. I have grown accustomed to the role of leader, and in a strange way, I have become the teacher that I’ve always wanted to become.

Nebin mentioned to me the other day about the new airship designs that he has been drafting. A grand fleet of warships to make the first generation look like mere tinker toys. I’m happy to hear that he will be giving this new class of airship the designation of “Samuel”, after my former physician, the friend of Alek, and the man who gave his life so that Nebin could strike the fatal blow to our enemy. It will be a fitting tribute to a soldier that never compromised his beliefs. He will be sorely missed.


Its going to take a lot of logs to wrap this epic game up. Keep’em coming King.


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