Beneath the Mithril

“Your doing it again.”
‘….Hmm? What?’
“Your doing it again. Your hand against your chest. You cant tell me it still hurts, the resurrection was perfect.”
‘I never said it hurts… Dont you have something you should be doing Samuel? Besides watching me all the time.’

“Maybe I could if you weren’t getting yourself into so much trouble. Damn idiot, think you can save the world. With a thief, an oathsworn, and a damn lich, no less.”

‘I didnt ask for this. And Id remind you to hold your tongue, one word from me and youll be commissioned officer of Bastion. In the mage-noble division.’

“HA! Hardly, Im not from Bastion, you cant touch me.”
‘Fine, how does 2nd Lieutenant in the Legion Admin sound? Alandryel could use and aid.’
“Hey now! Calm down there. Dont do something I might make you regret!”
‘Oh ya?.. Well Ill leave you alone for now, I have enough to regret anyways.’

“Id be worried if you didnt feel that way. But for what is worth, your being too hard on yourself… Again. It could have been a lot worse, and at the end of the day you held the line. But the question still remains, what are you going to do now?”

‘I am going to stop Kanzerin, with the thief, with the oathsword, and with the lich.’


I can understand the thief and undead part, but what would anyone have against an oathsworn? We are a highly skilled mercenary group that has protected Mareth for generations. As long as you don’t include the last few months, we have a flawless record!

Beneath the Mithril

That was freaking hilarious! " a thief, an oathsworn, and a damn lich, no less!"

Beneath the Mithril

That was some fantastic dialogue.

Beneath the Mithril

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