A heavy heart.

“It is with much sorrow and pain, that I inform you, of the death of your loved one. Fallen in battle in defense of our land, and our homes. A terrible woe has fallen over our great people as once again we are called to arms, as once again we stand in defiance of those who would take all that we have, to our very lives.

Your loved one fought at the very edge of the sword of Bastion, and paid the ultimate price in her salvation. I know that my words are feeble and weak, and cannot begin to ease the pain you must feel, to fill the gap now so prevailing in your soul. It is my hope then, that the actions of your loved one, a true hero, can do what my words cannot.

Bastion will not fall. And it will not fall because of the courage and the strength of her sons and daughters, hero’s like your loved one. Your loss will not be in vain. Once again we will pay the price of freedom, and by the blood of our hero’s, our enemies will fall under our blades and be trampled by the boots of our people. In the last day of this horrible war, we will stand, and all will know that by the hands of the Children of Bastion, Verse was saved.

~Your servant, Marshal Alek Korban."



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